A website to promote gender justice in economic development


What is WEMAN?

WEMAN is a community-led global process aiming at innovation, learning and advocacy for Gender Justice in economic interventions and institutions.

WEMAN partners facilitate gender action learning with women and men in poor communities. Women and men identify and implement their own individual and collective strategies for increasing women’s economic rights as stated in CEDAW.

Gender justice aims and strategies identified at community-level are integrated into institutional decision-making and practice and gender advocacy at the macro-level.


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Goal 1: Empowerment and improvements in livelihoods which are significant and sustainable for women, and their families and communities, particularly from low income and vulnerable groups.

Goal 2: Gender justice mainstreamed in economic development interventions and institutions including: financial services, livelihood/market/value chain development and economic policy and decision-making.

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about this website

This website contains resources to support organisations and individuals involved in the WEMAN global process and any others who are concerned to promote gender justice in economic development.

Each page gives links to other related pages which offer a way of working through the material as a learning route. This material is however in an ongoing process of development and comments and suggestions on how to make it more useful are very welcome.

The website complements a number of sister sites:

  • WEMANGlobal: the official website for Oxfam Novib's WEMAN programme
  • WEMANConsulting: a website with information on WEMAN consultants
  • Genfinance: a website of earlier materials on gender and microfinance up until 2006
  • PALSNetwork: a website with interactive learning resources on Participatory Action Learning Systems which form the basis of the GALS methodology
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